About Me

Hi, I'm Hayley. I'm a Registered Counsellor who specialises in working with anxiety, and Certified Body Confidence & Wellbeing Coach. I work with women who have been struggling with their anxiety, body image and confidence. My goal is to help you stop feeling not good enough and start helping you make progress towards your goal.

Hayley Snelling About Me
My Journey To Becoming A Counsellor and Coach

Like everyone else, I'm human. I've been through both fantastic and difficult experiences that have shaped who I am and how I help people. My life experiences are what lead me to become the Counsellor and Coach I am today.

Having my own struggles with anxiety led me to seek out therapy. I wanted to understand myself better, to find ways to manage and cope, and to live life on my own terms. I gained confidence, felt calmer and more in control of my worries, and through counselling I discovered so much more about myself than I thought possible.

I started my own journey through body confidence and wellbeing in my 20's after experiencing my body changing size quite suddenly after starting a new medication. I didn't recognise the person I saw in the mirror, and needed to find out how to live in a body that just didn't feel like mine anymore. And forget about anyone taking my photo, that wasn't going to happen ever again!

I reached a point where I was ready to accept who I was and learn to love the skin I was in. I wanted to feel better mentally, emotionally and physically. Now, I feel happy with who I am and how I look. I am truly looking after myself and can love who I am.

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Being a Counsellor and Coach is inspiring. I love helping people make positive changes and watching them flourish. I am 100% committed to helping you make progress towards your goals.

One of the most rewarding things about being a Counsellor and Coach is seeing a person walk away lighter, more free, and excited about their life.

Our Sessions Are Focused On You

In our sessions, you’ll have the time and space to focus on yourself without feeling selfish, to be able to be yourself, to focus on yourself, and to feel safe and comfortable. It's important to me to make sure that the process is collaborative, and when looking at goals we focus on setting and working towards them together.

I bring a supportive and encouraging energy to sessions. I can collaborate with you to set goals and help you to reach them, and will accept you for who you are right here, right now. I have a natural ability to be flexible on the path of discovering what’s going on, and uncover what’s happening under the surface for you.  

I’m here to help you through difficult and stressful situations.



My Professional Training

Qualified Humanistic Integrative Counsellor (BACP Registered)

Certified Body Confidence and Wellbeing Coach

Professional member of ACTO (Level 2 Therapist)

Additional training in:

CBT for Anxiety (including panic, phobias and OCD)

Body Image

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Non-diet method and Health At Every Size® (HAES®) approach

Positive Psychology

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My background is working within the NHS, and since 2018 I have worked as a counsellor with several charities and organisations before beginning my private counselling service in 2020:

  • As You Are in Southwick - offering support for stress and anxiety (2018 - 2019)

  • Martlets in Hove - bereavement counselling (2019)

  • BIMM Brighton (British and Irish Modern Music Institute) - providing counselling for students (2018 - 2019)

  • Psychology Sussex - counselling for a range of issues (2020)

  • Drop-in group facilitator with Survivors Network (rape crisis centre) (2017-2018)

Start feeling happier and more confident just as you are.

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