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Anxiety and Body Image Counselling and Coaching

If your anxiety or confidence has been holding you back, and you're ready to make a change, you're in the right place.

I'm a Counsellor and Coach who works with adults who have been struggling with their anxiety or body confidence. My aim is to help you to stop feeling not good enough, find ways to manage your anxiety, and start helping you make progress towards your goals.


A non-judgemental, supportive place for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and what is troubling you with a qualified Counsellor
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Working collaboratively to set and reach your goals. Deep-dive packages for body confidence, food and fitness
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Hayley Snelling Therapist

Hi, I'm Hayley, and I Help People Reclaim Their Confidence.

Body confidence and anxiety can affect so many different areas of our life, including self-esteem, confidence, stress, relationships, how we react to our everyday life and the changes that can throw us off track.

I am a friendly, supportive therapist, who will listen to you and read between the lines to discover what may really be happening underneath. My key focus when working with you is to support you so that you can regain your confidence and get your energy back, to start living your life joyfully again. Read more about me here.

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